Food Grade Products
For 60 years, the B’laster Corporation has manufactured penetrants, lubricants, rust inhibitors and a full line of specialty formulas for the automotive, industrial and hardware industries. Makers of PB B’laster, the #1 selling penetrant, B’laster is now proud to launch a new line of food grade products certified by the NSF.

Blaster Corp Food Grade Products

Food Grade Conveyor Track & Cable Lubricant
B'laster Conveyor Track & Cable Lubricant is a silicone-based lubricant for long-lasting lubrication. It leaves a tack-free film that won’t accumulate dust and dirt. In some instances, its extreme pressure agents make it a suitable replacement for grease. Formulated for use on overhead doors and mechanisms, roller drives and conveyor equipment. NSF H1 registered.

  • Reduces Friction & Wear
  • Non-Staining Formula
  • Quiets Noisy Operation
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Food Grade Silicone Lubricant
B'laster Silicone Lubricant for food processing and handling applications contains a high concentration of silicone for longer-lasting lubrication. Its clear, non-evaporating formula eliminates wear from constant friction on most surfaces, and protects rubber and plastic parts . NSF H1 registered.

  • Non-Staining Formula
  • Long-Lasting Lubrication & Mold Release
  • Eliminates Sticking & Squeaking
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Food Grade Multi-Purpose Lubricant
B'laster Food Grade Multi-Purpose Lubricant is a high-performance formula designed to lubricate moving parts in most food processing and handling applications. It outperforms leading competitors and prevents rust and further corrosion. NSF H1 registered.

  • Reduces Friction & Wear
  • Light Vanilla Scent
  • Prevents Rust & Corrosion
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Food Grade White Spray Grease
B'laster White Spray Grease is a clean, low-odor, white grease that protects against rust, moisture and oxidation. It’s safe for a wide range of applications, including food processing and handling. It provides low-friction lubrication and is formulated for heavy-load applications. NSF H1 registered.

  • Protects Equipment from Moisture
  • Prevents Rust & Oxidation
  • Leaves a Thick Layer of Grease
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