Original PB
Penetrating Grease
A high-quality synthetic grease harnessing the power of the Original PB B’laster creating a time-release penetrating action. This unique combination has the ability to penetrate existing rust and corrosion, but also stays on metal surfaces longer than conventional greases providing long-lasting lubrication and protection against rust and corrosion. Use on various farm & agriculture, landscaping, construction, automotive and recreational equipment & applications. Also great for restoration & anything rusted or corroded in & around your shop.

  • High-Quality Synthetic Grease
  • Time-Release Penetrating Action
  • Superior Anti-Seize Properties

Sizes Available
8oz, 227g Tub
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B'laster PB Penetrating Grease; Parts#: GR-14C-PB, GR-8J-PB, GR-3T-PB
Updated: 09/30/2017

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