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Since 1957 B'laster has manufactured
top quality products that offer exceptional value
and unparalleled performance.

The B'laster Corporation is a world-class manufacturer of a complete line of high performance, high quality, industrial strength, maintenance and related products. Products for tough everyday jobs. Name an in-plant or home maintenance use and odds are, there's a B'laster product that can get the job done quickly.

There's nothing fancy here...just tough as nails, super quality, hard working penetrants, lubricants, solvents, oils, tool conditioners, cleaners, and much more. Next time you pick up a B'laster product for your home or industrial application, get ready to expect nothing less than the best.

The B'laster Corporations Core Values

  • Why we do what we do: To make your life easier
  • How: Create products that work where others fail
  • What do we do: Help you solve your problems, that will save you time, energy, stress and money

Products made just for you

Struggling to free a rusted nut or frozen part? PB B'laster is unequalled at penetrating, even flowing uphill, into minute spaces to break the grip of rust. Sticking kitchen drawer? Squeaky garage door? Lawn mower in need of a tune-up? We've got you covered! Fix It Right with our assortment of DIY and professional products for use in the home, garage, workstation, or on your favorite sporting equipment. We're committed to providing world-class penetrants and other specialty products to help with your everyday fix-ups.

Watch some of our handy demo videos to see common uses for many of our products.

PB™ Demo
Download video

B'laster All-Purpose Lubricant Demo
Download video

Garage Door Lube Demo on Rollers
Download video

Garage Door Lube Demo on Door
Download video

Silicone Lube Demo on Window
Download video

Silicone Lube Demo on Car Door
Download video

The Dry Lube Demo
Download video

Air Tool Conditioner Demo
Download video

White Lithium Grease Comparison
Download video

White Lithium Grease/Hood Latch
Download video

PB™ Wicking Test Demo
Download video



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